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  • 28 Jan. 2014

    What Are Preventable Medical Errors?

    Posted By Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

    Unfortunately, a great number of people suffer from preventable medical errors every year, and medical malpractice remains a high-ranking source of death for Americans. If you believe you suffered injury because of medical malpractice or a loved one died as a result of it, consult a Maine medical malpractice lawyer about the prospects of pursuing a lawsuit. In 1999, The Institute of Medicine ...
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  • 16 Jan. 2014

    At What Point Must Authorities Give the Miranda Warning?

    Posted By Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

    People are familiar with seeing television programs where police officers advise people that they have the right to remain silent, to consult an attorney and if they cannot afford a lawyer, one can be appointed to them. If you are arrested in Maine, a Maine criminal defense lawyer can be present with you during questioning. However, at what point do authorities have a legal obligation to inform ...
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  • 1 Jan. 2014

    Birth Injuries: Emotional Challenges for Victims and Their Families

    Posted By Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

    Birth Injuries from Medical Malpractice Can Create a Lifetime of Financial and Emotional Chall enges for Victims and Their Families "What most people fail to understand with a severe birth injury is how much the medical costs will be for a family to care for their child. If their child has cerebral palsy for example, this can cost upwards of millions of dollars for the proper care and ...
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