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Faye Goldberg Joining Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

We’d like to extend our welcome to our newest team member, Faye R. Goldberg. Her area of law is focused mainly on family law, which includes divorce, legal separation, parenting rights and responsibilities, and post-divorce matters.

Ms. Goldberg began practicing law in 1986 at Casassa and Ryan in Hampton New Hampshire, where she continued to practice for the next 30 years. While she worked there, Ms. Goldberg’s practice also focused on family law. She continues to represent clients at mediation, settlement negotiations, and in all aspects of litigation.

If you have complex domestic relations or parenting disputes, Ms. Goldberg is the person you want to talk to. She has a substantial amount of experience in cases dealing with both small and large marital estates, such as those with residential and commercial properties, businesses, trusts and pensions, alimony, and insurance. Ms. Goldberg has also dealt with contested issues involving children in divorce and paternity cases, which can be extremely difficult to manage. She has managed to work on cases dealing with residential placement, parenting schedules, co-parenting, and child support.

In her practice, Ms. Goldberg is also experienced in working closely with other professionals in areas such as real estate, parenting abilities, retirement benefits, financial planning, tax implications, and business valuations, to ensure that each client gets comprehensive representation that fits his or her case.

We are extremely happy to have Ms. Goldberg at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. and are sure she will make an excellent addition to our firm.

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